Who is this?
This is Nicolas Allen


This is the home page for the about me website project!! On the left is the link menu, and those three boxes you see at the top will tell you where you are (in case you get lost or somthing I don't really know).

Visit all the pages this website has to offer. Also ignore pretty much all the text (accept the about page). Its just there for filler and to show the knowlwdge of page formating and dividing skills.

Oh and lets talk about this sick background real quick. Its not that good actually. The page in general is very dark but who cares. I just like the blue in contrast with the red colour scheme.

Hey here is some more filler. Lets talk about colour. No, the word colour. Is colour actually spelled with a 'U' in it? I know in the U.K it is but is that the official correct spelling of the work colour? I heard the word was spelled with a 'U' but I guess that got lost somewhere in translation when America was first established as its own country.


Here have a thumbs up.